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Why we think it is awesome?

3 month Free trial Period

Try it out, and when you are certain, enjoy our low licenses, 0$ Set up Fee and 0% Transaction Fee

SaaS Solution or Licensed Software Solution

SaaS Solution is Securely hosted on the cloud, in a highly available environment, no software, hardware or backups to worry about. When your business grows we give Licensed Software Solution, hosted on your premise

Customizable Design

We don’t think an e-shop can be opened in seconds or days in fact,
we can handcraft it to meet your exact needs,

Powerful Integration

Integrating the multiple sale channels of your business, your ERP, CRM and any other 3rd Party System thanks to our flexible API

Strong Marketing Tools

Extend your Brand’s awareness through our integrated services of social sharing and tools for email marketing, promotions and loyalty systems

Mobile-Social Apps

Reach out to your customers wherever they are with shopfronts 
across all media, optimized and integrated from one Admin

Secure Shopping Cart

PCI Compliant

Strong Software Architecture

It is a proprietary, e-commerce software architecture, designed from the ground up, leveraging several Technologies based on a 3- tier software architecture.